Top 4 Atomic Habits to help you in Long Run (Thank Me later!)

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It is scientifically proven that to successfully build a habit, takes 21 days, and to successfully break a habit, all it takes is 7 days! Firstly let’s understand what is a “Habit”, a habit is something that you can perform with less resistance and consciousness, at least that’s how I define it. Changing gears in a car/bike is a habit, have you ever consciously thought of changing gears? Nope! You just drop the gears and slip into the feel of riding it. Changing gears happens so smoothly but once you start meditating, 1 min seems like a day! So how does this work?

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The human brain has evolved over thousands of years and over these years, it has become a well-oiled machine to make your body adapt to every one of those scenarios where your survival is at stake and it’s the psychology of the brain! When you’re scared, your body pumps blood faster, there’s that adrenaline rush and you somehow tend to find a way by hook or by crook. Let’s say you’re building a new habit, but your brain doesn’t exactly know that it’s a good habit, so it starts distracting you but why? you’re trying to introduce some new process into your life that your brain doesn’t have experience with. Hence it creates all the fantasies to make you break that habit.

But there’s a method to trick your brain, you slowly introduce a habit into your lifestyle and train your brain. If you try to read 30 pages in a single day, your brain will send an SOS “STOP IT BRUH”!!! So what can you possibly do? Well, I’ll tell you what I did, I started reading only 2 pages every day, ONLY 2 PAGES! I did this for a month and now I’m comfortable with reading 8 pages a day. Any habits that you install in small doses are called Atomic habits and these are pretty awesome and proven to give better results, in this blog post I’ll be sharing the Top 4 basic Atomic habits which will surely give you results in the long run (It’s given me the results too)

  1. Workout 5 days a week

How many of you took the new year’s resolution to be fit, to avoid junk food? Many of you! were almost at the end of the 3 months of 2022, what’s the status of that resolution? I’m happy for those of you whore going good but for those of you who couldn’t start your workout, Once you start taking those baby steps, then you will really feel your body and the changes that are taking place

If you’re a beginner in Workouts, then I highly suggest you check out my “Beginners guide to Workout”

2. Meditate Every Single Day

Inorder to give time for yourself, Meditate daily

When we sit to meditate, we are looking after ourselves in ways that might not at first seem obvious. The benefits of meditation are numerous and varied and supported by science. Many people start meditating to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate peace of mind. But there are thousands of studies documenting other less-known mindfulness meditation benefits, which can have a positive impact on mental, physical, and emotional health. Many health benefits of meditation you may experience when you establish a practice and repeat it consistently. I highly suggest you meditate every day, start by meditating for 2 mins. Just 2 mins are all you need to do for the first 2 weeks and then start doubling your time for every 2 weeks.

Refer to the link below to know more

3. Read Books every day

Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is Power and irrespective of how brilliant you are, it's always good to read books. You cannot make all the mistakes, so you learn from others’ mistakes and that’s the motive that I have to read books. When you’re reading a book, you aren’t just reading something that’s written, in fact, the author is giving an insight about his/her life, lessons learned, knowledge gained, etc.So you’re actually going through a guidebook. Doesn't it sound great?! Now don’t worry, you can build this habit easily. Every day pick 10 mins and start reading 2 pages, once you get the hang of it then you can increase the no of pages/per day. Comment down below for a book suggestion

4. Start Journaling every day

Track your progress, Start Journaling!

What are your good habits? What are your bad habits? Ever thought of how you could magnify your good habits and systematically handle bad habits? Probably YES! for some of you and NO! for most of you. Why is it that we know our weaknesses

and yet we fail to take action? Simple! for your brain to understand the intensity of things, you need to MEASURE IT. WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS IMPROVED, I thought I wasn’t that fat until I checked my weight and that’s when I understood that things are going south. we don’t check our daily progress and 1yr later, all that shouldn’t have happened had happened. One more year of Regret!

Check out my blog post on “The Power Of Journaling”

If you are wondering how to start journaling, I highly recommend you to check this site. I felt it was pretty much logical!

There you go, folks! That’s it for today’s post. If my words have lightened up your day or Motivated you to think from a different perspective, kindly share this. Thank you for spending your precious time, have a great day!

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